Install Kodi TV Addon Cartoons: Ultimate Setup Guide

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As an unabashed cartoon loving adult, you probably need no introduction to the late night schedule on the Cartoon Network—Adult Swim (AKA [adult swim]). The ability to stream your favorite shows from [adult swim] via the Kodi Firestick should come as no surprise.

Adult Swim Installation

With [adult swim], you get all of your favorite cartoons. Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories, and many, many more! Follow along as we take you on a journey into the deep end of adult entertainment.

Colossus Brings You [adult swim]

Install the Colossus repository onto your Kodi Firestick for great entertainment value, which includes [adult swim]. The RoI for this repository’s installation is through the roof! Your Firestick Kodi install potentially gives back thousands of valuable entertainment hours from this one simple, short install session. Once you satisfy your [adult swim] jones with a quick fix, then check out the other offerings within both the Colossus and Ares Project repositories! More on these in a bit…

Protection from Rejection and Inspection

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Repo Location for Experienced Installers

If you’ve been to this third-party dance with your Kodi Firestick before, then you may only need the repository URL. The [adult swim] Kodi add-on makes its home in the Colossus repo, which itself resides within the Ares Project repository at

Third Party Kodi TV Addons? Yes, Please!

Kodi 17 and later requires unknown sources to be allowed manually before the installation of third-party add-ons takes place. The XBMC Foundation and Kodi Project want users to be aware of the risks involved when installing unofficial add-ons. They also wish to distance themselves somewhat from legally ambiguous portions of the third-party addon community. This cries out a very political way of saying pirates—not really ambiguous, depending on your locale.

  1. Go into the Settings (gear icon) area above the menuInstall Adult Swim
  2. Select to enter the System SettingsKodi Firestick - System Settings
  3. Then, choose the Add-ons item and flip on Unknown SourcesKodi Adult Swim Add-on Install - Toggle Unknown Sources
  4. A warning about security risks involved pops up; say YES.Firestick Kodi Warning Dialog

Ares Repo First

If you haven’t been into the Ares Repo, prepare for a treat. Follow along as we get it set up and then check out some of the many add-on installation guides we have available here at KodiFireTVStick for the Ares Project.

  1. Go into the Settings area (gear icon)Adult Swim Install for Kodi - system settings
  2. After that, select the File ManagerAdult Swim for Kodi Installation - File Manager
  3. Then, select Add SourceAdult Swim Installation for Kodi - Add Source
  4. Thent, select None (we’ll manually add a media source)Adult Swim Kodi Addon Installation - Choose None
  5. Enter this address: (, then OKInstall Adult Swim Video Add-on for Kodi Firestick
  6. Name it Ares Repo, then say OK againName it Ares Repo
  7. Make sure the information is correct, then click OK the last time
  8. Return to Kodi’s Main Menu, then go into the Add-ons selectionAdult Swim - select the add-ons menu item in your Kodi Firestick
  9. Go into the Add-on browser (looks like an open box) located above the Add-ons area’s menuAdult Swim Kodi Install - Add-on Browser
  10. Choose to Install from zip fileAdult Swim Installation on Kodi - install from zip file
  11. Wait for a dialog to po up, then choose Ares RepoSelect the Ares Repo
  12. Then, open repository.aresproject-x.x.x.zipChoose the Ares Project zip file
  13. You’ll see a popup in a moment saying Add-on InstalledAres Repository installed

Install Colossus Repo for Adult Swim

Now, we need to install the Colossus repository, which resides within the Ares Project repository we just installed. The XBMC Kodi TV Addon Adult Swim will be found here. Leaving off where we just finished the Ares Repo install, we’re hanging out in the Add-on browser; right where we need to be.

  1. Choose Install from repository againAdult Swim - Choose Install from Repository
  2. Install from the Ares ProjectChoose the Ares Repo
  3. Head on into the Add-on repository directoryAdd-on repository folder
  4. Select the Colossus Repository to installColossus Repo
  5. Click Install.install Colossus
  6. If you get the Select Version popup, choose the Ares Project version, then kick back and…select latest repo version
  7. The Colossus repo has been installedColossus installed

It’s Nearly Adult Swim Time!

Okay, we have our repositories set up just the way we want them. The popcorn is popping and the butter is melting. It’s time to get our swim fins on…

  1. Head back up one level with the double dots at the top

    go up one level

    go back one page

  2. Then, do it again at the next screen

    Kodi Firestick Install

    Head back another page

  3. Select the Colossus repo to install from

    choose to install Adult Swim from the Colossus repo

    choose to install from the Colossus repository

  4. Enter the Video add-ons area

    enter the Colossus repo Video add-ons

    Go Into The Colossus Repo’s Video add-ons Area

  5. Choose Adult Swim to install

    Choose Adult Swim for installation

    Choose Adult Swim for installation

  6. Click Install like there’s no tomorrow

    Install Adult Swim

    Install Adult Swim

  7. Look at that glorious dialog stating Adult Swim has been installed!

    Adult Swim Successfully Installed

    Adult Swim Successfully Installed

A Last Word or Three

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Enjoy Adult Swim from Colossus with the best Kodi VPN



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