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Looking to install Acestream Mac?  Acestream is actually not made for Mac, so to use Acestream on a Mac you’ll need to install a virtual machine program to run Acestream on your Mac.  The complete steps for this entire process of installing a virtual machine on your Mac and then installing Acestream are below.  First, you’ll see a basic list of the steps we need to take – then below that, there is a section with the details for each step:

Acestream Mac Install Guide

  • Download a virtual machine program such as VirtualBox
  • Install and then Launch your virtual machine
  • In your virtual machine on your Mac, download and install Acestream
  • Launch Acestream from your virtual machine

How to Download Virtual Machine Software for Mac

Use the download links below to download and install virtual machine software so you can install Acestream for Mac:

The install process for the virtual machine apps above should be pretty straightforward – just add the app to your Mac as you would any other program.

How to Launch Your Virtual Machine & Set Up Windows

To launch your virtual machine after it’s installed:

  • Find your virtual machine software in your Applications menu on your Mac
  • Select it to launch it

After your Virtual Machine is launched, set up your virtual Windows installation:

How to Install Acestream in Your Virtual Machine

After your virtual Windows installation has been installed, install Acestream Mac:

  • Go to to download AceStream for Windows – which we will be using on your Mac’s virtual Windows installation!
  • Download the Acestream Windows installer file
  • Launch the Acestream Windows installer file and follow the installation prompts until the installation is complete.
    • Note: When it asks you to “Choose the drive”, just choose “C:”, (which it should fill in for you automatically)
  • After Acestream is installed, it’ll launch a website that shows some Cyrillic (Russian) text.  You can close this window.

How to Launch Acestream Mac in Your Virtual Machine

After Acestream is installed:

  • Launch it by finding it in your Windows installation’s “Start” menu or Apps area!
  • Stream your ass off, my friend!

Problems Installing Acestream for Mac

Virtual Machine Installation Issues?

Try a different flavor of Virtual Machine software!  If you tried VirtualBox and didn’t have luck, then try a different free virtual machine software like VMWare.

  • Also, try Bootcamp instead of a virtual machine:
Acestream Mac Install Guide using Bootcamp

Install Acestream on Mac with BootCamp

Windows Installation Issues?

If you faced issues installing Windows, then Google “install Windows on Mac VM” – you’re bound to run into some helpful guides.

Acestream Installation Issues?

Try installing “the other” version of Acestream.  Acestream 3.1 for Windows is available in two versions:

  • Acestream 3.1 (VLC 1.1.12)
  • Acestream 3.1 (VLC 2.0.5)

Whichever version of Ace Stream you installed that did not work, try the other one!


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