15 Best Torrent Sites for Free Movies and Shows

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Torrenting is one of the most popular ways to get free TV shows and movies from the internet. Most people who torrent do so by visiting one of several very popular torrent sites and searching for the media they’re interested in downloading.

The problem is there are so many torrent sites and we’re here to tell you that not all of them are equal. So how do you tell which ones are worth your time and which are just a computer virus waiting to happen? Look no further. We’ve gathered the 15 best torrent sites in one article for your convenience.

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What is a Torrent?

A lot of folks may be new to this, so let’s start with the basics. If you’re already a seasoned digital swashbuckler then feel free to skip ahead a section or two. In the tech world, the term “Torrent” refers to a computer file that is comprised of metadata files containing a whole lot of information. These files have a “.torrent” file extension. 

The information inside these torrent files is used by a torrent client app (like BitTorrent, uTorrent, or Transmission) to disseminate the actual file. These torrent client apps allow users to quickly and effortlessly download torrent files with huge amounts of information onto a computer or tablet. 

Since it’s so easy to download torrent files, sometimes users accidentally end up including information that may be copyrighted. This, of course, is illegal in most places and is prohibited in many countries. But it’s important to keep in mind that not every torrent file is illegal to download is safe to use if downloaded through the most reputable, best torrent sites. We trust our users to use their discretion when downloading potentially sensitive files.

How Torrenting Does it Work?

When we use the word “torrenting” we’re referring to the process of downloading data or files with the help of Torrent clients that divide huge amounts of information into several smaller bits and then reconnect those bits as one unit later, kind of like a Star Trek teleporter. An example of this kind of client is BitTorrent, uTorrent, or Transmission, which helps users to download and disseminate data including files, games, and movies, etc. through “peer-to-peer” P2P networks, without affecting the performance of web servers involved.

Torrenting works by means of central servers to transfer files. Each contributor who is connected to a file via the torrent client is involved in both uploading and downloading data and files. Alternatively, it can be said that every torrent user is dependent on other users so that they can execute a successful file transfer and share data with one another. Basically, one is sharing the file being downloaded, even when it is still being downloaded, instead of waiting for the whole document to download first and then to share. 

How to Safely Use Best Torrent Sites

IMPORTANT: Before we go any further we absolutely need to talk about safety.

It’s important for you to know that some of the files you find on torrent sites may be illegal to download. Now, we know that our users would never be known to engage in illegal downloading, and we certainly wouldn’t condone it. However, accidents happen! The legality of some files may not be clear and it’s important to protect yourself.

The easiest, best, and most reliable way to protect your privacy while visiting one of the best torrent sites, or from any other kind of sensitive online activity is to download and install a VPN on your computer. A VPN will hide both your identity and your browsing history from any hackers, corporations, or government agencies that may be trying to watch your online activity. We believe this is a required step before downloading anything from the internet, so much so that we’ve arranged for a 70% discount on the best VPN available for our readers. Please take this seriously and protect yourself. We want all y’all to stay safe.

If that doesn’t convince you then maybe the fact that you’ll be able to access region-blocked content (and countless other cool VPN tricks) will!

We really don’t want there to be any reason you can’t do this, so check out our guide on how to install a VPN on literally any device if you need a little bit of tech support.

How to Download and Use Torrents

Now you’re ready to get free movies and shows from the very best torrent sites on the web. The steps to download, install, and use torrents are listed in detail below. Follow along!

Step 1. Download a Torrent Client

  1. Search for torrent client like BitTorrent, uTorrent, or Transmission and download it. All of these are popular torrent clients and there are pros and cons to using each. But really you can’t go wrong! Before downloading a torrent client, download a VPN for torrenting. Installing VPN makes torrenting safe and secure, and if you use IPVanish, it won’t slow your download speed. As soon as both the downloads are completed, follow the installation instructions on your device.

Step 2. Find a Torrent File

  1. After installing a VPN and torrent client, it’s time to start looking for audio or video files that you might want to download. As an example, we’ll show some screenshots of a random movie search on The Pirate Bay, one of the best torrent sites on our list.

Pro Tip: When you search for a torrent you’ll see two columns with the letters “SE” and “LE”. Pay attention to these!

SE means “seeders”. Seeders are the number of other computers that you’re able to download the file from. You want a lot of these. More seeders can also mean a more popular, and thus high-quality file. The best torrent sites are more likely to have a lot of seeders.

LE means “leechers”. Leechers are computers that are downloading the file, but not sharing it back. A lot of Leechers may mean a slower download. What’s more important than the numbers is the ratio. You want a file that has more seeders than leechers.

Step 3. Download a Torrent File

  1. To download a specific file from one of the best torrent sites, click on the magnet icon underneath the file you want to Download. If you click on the name of the movie, you’ll see the magnet icon listed next to the words “Get This Torrent” as shown below.
  1. Your torrent client (uTorrent in this example) will display a popup with dialogue box. Click on the option that allows you to open your torrent client. 
  1. Pick which files you want to download, choose where in your computer the file will go, and click O.K.
  1. Now a window will appear in your torrent client where showing the progress of your download. You can manage all of your downloads easily from here.
  1. Various tabs and buttons on torrent clients have their own features. Here, ‘Pause’ lets you to pause the download but keeps the connection open.
  2. ‘Stop’ button stops downloading the file and disables the connection.
  3. ‘Play’ button allows you to restart a file download that was paused. 
  4. ‘Red X’ button allows you to delete a torrent file.
  5. ‘Up arrow’ button is used to give the priority to a specific file among all other torrent files present in the list. The higher on the list, the more of your computer’s resources will go towards that download.
  6. ‘Down arrow’ button is used to lower the priority of specific file among all other active torrent files present in the list. 

Step 4. Play Torrent File

Now for the fun part. You’ve got your new video file, downloaded fresh from the best torrent sites, so what do you do next? You may already have media players on your computer that allow you to watch some types of video files. But many video players are picky about what file types they play.

If you want a video player that works with everything, you can’t go wrong with VLC. It’s the most popular video player and it works with almost every type of video file you can imagine. This is your one-stop shop for playing video files.

VLC Fire TV media player
VLC Fire TV media player icon

Public Torrent Sites

Below is the table listing some of the best torrent sites that can be used to help you download almost any movie, drama, TV show, game, book, or other material. These are the big ones, so they’re going to have almost everything.

It’s worth noting that the links below may not work. Since these sites will occasionally accidentally host copyrighted material, they will sometimes change their web address to protect themselves from governments and corporations who want to prosecute them. These sites are taking measures to protect themselves, and you should too! If you haven’t already downloaded a VPN to safeguard your browsing, we strongly recommend it.

Without further ado, here are the best torrent sites on the web:

The Pirate Bay
This is the first and foremost, the OG of best torrent sites. According to BitTorrent this site accounts for more of their downloads than any other torrent site, making The Pirate Bay the most widespread and authentic source of downloading files in the world. It has the best torrent content available. It’s simple and user-friendly accessibility and has plenty of options. The feature set and sheer availability of files make this website top of the list among all other secure torrent sites. About 24.3 million people visit this site monthly. https://thepirate-bay.org/home113
An all-in-one site. It scrapes various other sites to find torrent files available for download. There is a tracker on the home screen showing trending downloads and categories, which can be a pleasing addition for data geeks. https://torrents.io/
User-friendly interface. Easy search options. Trending videos and downloads are available on the home page. An all-around solid choice. https://yts.mx/
Kickass Torrent
One of the oldest working and best torrent sites, so it’s earned its street cred. Kickass Torrent features TV shows, games, books, anime, movies, and much more. https://katcr.to/
Zooqle is another one of the best torrent sites that have gained much a lot of popularity among individuals between the ages of 20 to 35 because of its secure downloading. It is used to download everything from TV shows to movies, audio files, and course books, etc. It has an amazing search bar which makes searching for content easy. It has a wonderful interface that will be user-friendly for everyone. https://zooqle.com/
One of the best torrent sites with the widest availability of any type of content you can imagine. This is the place to look if you can’t find it anywhere else. Categories include games, apps, books, anime, documentaries, movies & TV programs. https://1337x.to/
Lime Torrent
Those who have been around for a while will remember Limewire. What was old is new again. Lime torrent has tons of content and is easy to search. Listed among the best torrent sites on the web. https://www.limetorrents.info/
This is a metasearch engine, which means it gathers files from several other of the best torrent sites. This means it has more data available to download than almost any other site. Mostly used for downloading music videos and audio files. https://torrentz2.is/
This site is great for weeding out fake files or bogus content. If you’re tired of searching for files, only to come up with piles of spam, this here’s your place. www.torlock.com
This site allows you to sort movies and TV programs based on video quality. Don’t settle for potato quality when you can have the best torrent sites and the best quality! https://eztv.ag/
Torrent Downloads is one of the best torrent sites for easy navigation. It has a wide and systematized library. It’s blocked in many countries (but a VPN will help you get around that!). Every hard-to-find thing is available here. https://www.torrentdownloads.me/

Private Torrent Sites

Most of the best torrent sites are public, but some are private networks that require registration and other login information to download torrent files. Not everyone has access to these, which is part of the appeal if you can get in. They provide a more secure environment and can frequently allow you to find more niche content. Some of them are listed below:

IP Torrents
This is an all-in-one torrent site reserved only for members. It’s not currently accepting new members, but keep an eye on it for the future. https://iptorrents.com/login.php
Broadcast the Net
The largest of all the private torrent sites with 34,000 members. It can be difficult to gain membership, but it’s one of the best torrent sites, so it’s worth a shot. https://broadcasthe.net/
Easily one of the best torrent sites for music (everything from classical to hip-hop) with 1 million streams. Like all private torrents, it is also hard to join as a member. https://redacted.ch/
Gazelle Games
The largest and best torrent sites for gaming with 15,000 members. All new and classic games are available here. https://gazellegames.net/login.php
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Blake Fire
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