Install 1080p Movies on your Kodi Firestick, then watch the newest HD movies in 1080p quality today. Many people ask how to access HDTV and stream Kodi at 1080p, which this add-on does effortlessly by design.

About 1080p Movies

DandyMedia hit a homer with 1080p Movies, which is an ultra-reliable source for both 1080p movies and television shows on Kodi. Containing both classics and new releases, the Kodi 1080p Movies Addon utilizes openload links to give you the latest shares.

With Kodi 17 addons, 1080p quality is often difficult to find. Free web hosts just can’t afford to serve the large files necessary to stream 1080p quality movies. DandyMedia manages to pull this off with the 1080p Movies Kodi add-on through their use of openload, which causes us to hope it sticks around for a long time.

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As mentioned previously, the Kodi 1080p Movies add-on utilizes openload links, so you’ll need authorization to use them. This simple process involves visiting in a web browser, proving you’re not a robot with their captcha, then pressing the pair button. This then gives you 4 hour access to their streaming service. The ads on this website help them pay for the service they provide, hence this pairing necessity.

Take note that some of the ads on their authorization site are NSFW; depending on where you work, of course. If worried about usage logging or potential malware, use a reliably secure VPN before visiting their pairing site. You really should use one while accessing the streams made available by 1080p Movies, so should also have the VPN on while pairing. This will ensure you are paired with openload using the same ip address you’ll use to watch the HD content with.

Watch 1080p Movies and More

Within the Kodi 1080p Movies add-on, you’ll find a pleasantly simple categorization of content, which makes finding what you want a breeze.

  • Latest Movies
  • Most Viewed
  • Hot
  • Genres
  • Release Year
  • Country
  • TV Shows
  • Search All

With DandyMedia’s 1080p Movies, you get easy, instant access to new high quality movies. This includes movies that are in theaters now. You also get access to all the latest television series in full 1080p.

Install 1080p Movies

The 1080p Movies Kodi addon is just as easy to install as it is to navigate once installed. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to have a wonderful home entertainment setup. Your Firestick Kodi install will never be the same.

1080p Movies Repository URL for Experienced Installers

If you’ve been through this process multiple times, then you might simply need the repo URL. The 1080p Movies home repo is at It’s located in a few other repos, but the home address will always have the latest updates first. We’ll be using the NoobsandNerds repo for this tutorial, which is currently found at The maintainers of the NaN repo seem to be on the ball with keeping things up to date, and there is much more in their repo that is useful.

Prepare for Third Party Addons in Kodi

You must toggle the use of unknown sources on in Kodi 17 due to its heightened security measures. The XBMC Foundation and Kodi Project put this in place to make sure you understand the risk involved with installing unofficial add-ons.

  1. Open Settings (gear icon) above the main menu
    Open Kodi Settings

    Enter the System Menu

  2. Choose the System Settings
    Kodi System Settings

    System Settings

  3. Now, choose Add-ons, then toggle on Unknown Sources
    Toggle Unknown Sources

    Toggle Unknown Sources On

  4. A popup will appear to warn you there are potential security risks
    Accept the Warning Dialog

    Yes to the Warning Dialog

Noobs and Nerds Repo Setup

  1. Go up one level and select the File Manager
    Enter the File Manager

    Go Into the File Manager

  2. Then, decide to Add Source
    Add a New Source for access to 1080p Movies

    Choose to Add Source

  3. At this screen, choose None, which allows a media source URL to be added and named
    Select None

    Select None

  4. Enter the NaN repository’s URL ( and then hit OK
    enter Kodi NoobsandNerds URL

    enter NoobsandNerds URL

  5. Name it NaN, then say OK again
    name the source NaN

    name the install source NaN

  6. Double check this info for errors, then hit OK once more
    Double Check source info and OK

    Double Check the source info and hit OK

  7. You should now see a new source in your list
    NaN source added

    NaN source ready to go

NaN Final Details

  1. Go back to the Kodi Main Menu and into Add-ons
    1080p Movies - choose add-ons menu item

    Choose Add-ons in Kodi’s main menu

  2. Enter the Add-on Browser icon at top left
    Kodi NoobsandNerds - Add-on Browser

    Enter the Add-on Browser

  3. Choose to Install from zip file
    Noobs and Nerds Install for 1080p Movies on Kodi - install from zip file

    Install from zip file

  4. Choose the item you just created – NaN
    Select NobbsandNerds source

    Select the named NaN source

  5. Then, open the noobsandnerds Repo (x.x.x).zip file. The numbers in its name may have changed.
    Choose the Kodi NoobsandNerds repo zip file

    Choose the NaN repo zip file

  6. When installing on a Firestick or Fire TV, the zip may not remain highlighted after moving right to OK. Fear not; it’s only a visual Kodi glitch. The item is still selected once you move to the right from it, so hit OK
    Go to the right to OK NoobsandNerds repo install

    Go right to OK for the install

  7. Once you get an Add-on Installed pop-up, then Noobs and Nerds is ready for you to move on to the final 1080p Movies installation step
    NaN installed

    NaN is now available

1080p Movies Install Time!

  1. Select NoobsandNerds within the Install from repository area
    Find it in Install from Repository

    Find NaN in Install from Repository

  2. Then, go into the NaN Video Add-ons directory
    NaN Video Addons includes 1080p Movies!

    NaN Video Addons

  3. Choose 1080p Movies
    Choose 1080p Movies

    Choose 1080p Movies for Installation

  4. At last, hit the Install button in the dialog that opens
    Install 1080p Movies

    Install 1080p Movies

  5. Congratulations! 1080p Movies has been successfully installed!
    1080p Movies for Kodi Installed

    1080p Movies Installed!

Are You Playing It Safe?

Be certain you are protected before using your Firestick Kodi 1080p Movies addon to access the high definition content inside. Many people and organizations vigilantly seek your data and identity, which is visible online when you fail to protect yourself. Make sure of your invisibility to your ISP, government, and everyone else gathering your data. IPVanish gives you seven days to evaluate their service with zero financial obligation! KFireTV also provides you with a 60% discount, which protects you perfectly for about what you’d spend on one cup of coffee each month. Not having a reliable VPN protecting your privacy will be seen as a desperate, last resort move in the near future. Don’t wait to find out the hard way just how necessary it is.

Install Noobs and Nerds on Kodi and use a VPN

The Show Must Go On

Now, you have one of the best third party Kodi Firestick add-ons for watching HDTV and high-definition movies installed. Be sure to also check out the many ways to optimize your Kodi installation with our other guides, then enjoy all it has to offer!

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