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Red Pill Kodi How to Install Documentary TV Add-on

If you like documentaries, you will love having The Red Pill Kodi TV Addon installed on your Kodi Firestick. With documentaries about everything from Art to War, The Red Pill will open your mind to the great big world around you. Red Pill Kodi TVAddon Install The Red...

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Adult Swim How to Install Kodi TV Addon Cartoons

As an unabashed cartoon loving adult, you probably need no introduction to the Cartoon Network’s late night schedule—AKA [adult swim]. The ability to stream your favorite shows via the Kodi Firestick should come as no surprise.

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How to Install BoB UnleasheD Kodi Add-on Visual Tutorial

BoB UnleasheD replaced BoB UnrestricteD, which took the place of BoB on Kodi Firesticks all over the world. What about BoB? Midraal has a winner with BoB UnleasheD, the latest in the line of beloved BoBs. This all-in-one Kodi add-on will please everyone wanting to use their Kodi Firestick or FireTV for visual or musical entertainment.

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Kodi NoobsandNerds Repo Install Tutorial

Your Kodi Firestick deserves a Kodi NoobsandNerds repository install (also for XBMC), which owns the full win. The Kodi NoobsandNerds (NaN) repo hosts some of the shiniest treasures in the Kodi universe.

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Kodi Colossus Repository Install Now TVAddons Gone

The XBMC/Kodi Colossus repository steps up as the main contender for the TVAddons replacement your Firestick has been longing for. To install TV Addons expecting the glory you may have heard of is futile. If you are seeking the late Phoenix or Exodus, which were...

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How to Install Maverick TV Kodi Addon

This article is a guide with a complete tutorial (with screenshots) on how to install the Maverick TV Kodi add-on.  Maverick was earlier known as “Joker TV,” but the developers have decided to rename this brand. Duncan has developed this kodi TV addon

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Bennu Kodi Add-on How to Install New Phoenix

Bennu takes over after Phoenix, one of the most popular third-party Kodi add-ons of all time, closed up shop back in June. Much as the phoenix of ancient Greek mythology rises from ashes into new life, the Phoenix Kodi add-on has been reborn as Bennu (aptly named after the ancient Egyptian diety of rebirth).

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Vortex Kodi Video Add-on Install Guide

RockCrusher and DreamWeaver produced a work of art for your Firestick in the Vortex Kodi video playlist add-on. Vortex includes all the content that has made these two names synonymous with great entertainment. The Kodi community really enjoyed their work on VidTime,...

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Watch College Football Online Free Streaming With Kodi

With the 2017 football season having begun, optimizing your Kodi Fire Stick to watch college football online is essential. Ideally, you’d like to catch nearly every play live and with no cable bill. Cable service providers force dozens to hundreds of channels on you...

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Watch NFL Online Free Streaming Live Games on Kodi

Watch NFL online free streaming with Kodi and our roundup of add-ons! With the 2017 football season begun, optimizing your live stream is mandatory. You’d like to catch just about every single play live and with no cable bill. Cable companies force dozens to hundreds...

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