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2 Steps to Install KODI 18 No Limits Build

Kodi 18 No Limits Magic Build will entirely change your Kodi experience. It brings cosmetic improvements as well as the addition of several new functions to Kodi.  For 2019, Kodi No Limits is the best Kodi build - hands down. UPDATE:  Kodi No Limits 18 new address is...

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How to Install Kingdom Kodi Addon

Need a great working Kodi addon for Movies & TV Shows?  Use this guide to install Kingdom Kodi addon. TIP:  Or install APKTime app store on your Firestick / Android device so you can install Kodi alternative apps ("APKs"). Step 1:  Add T2K Repo to Kodi In this...

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How to Check Amazon No Rush Credit

Now there's a way to check your Amazon No Rush Credit.  This helps if you chose "No Rush Shipping" when you ordered something on Amazon such as a Firestick. How do I check my Amazon No Rush Credit? Just click this link to check the Credit you've received from Amazon...

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Firestick 90 Day Fiance: How to Watch

Looking for an app to watch 90 Day Fiance on Firestick?  I show you how to install just the right apps to watch 90DayFiance on your Firestick now.  I made the list of the best Firestick 90 Day Fiance apps to watch now! Firestick Apps to Watch 90 Day Fiance These are...

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Compare Fire Stick and Fire TV: Pros and Cons

In this guide, I compare Fire Stick and Fire TV side-by-side.  Basically, Amazon Firestick is a smaller, lighter, lower-powered version of the larger Fire TV.  But there are several differences, so keep reading to find out what those are. Fire Stick vs Fire TV: An...

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SOLVED: What’s the Best VPN Japan Has to Offer?

Here's the best VPN Japan has to offer.  This VPN gives you the fastest connection speeds, the highest reliability, and an affordable price. What's the Best VPN for Japan? IPVanish is the best VPN for Japan.  See the bullet points below to see exactly why. Why is...

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23 Ways to Fix Firestick Not Playing Sound

Is your Firestick not playing sound?  Then fix it with this easy step-by-step Firestick no sound fix guide.  If you're asking yourself "How do I fix the sound on my Amazon Firestick", then read through the troubleshooting steps below to fix it quickly. Guaranteed Ways...

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Firestick Keeps Restarting? Try These 13 Fixes Now

If your Firestick keeps restarting, then use this simple fix-it guide to repair your Amazon Fire Stick or FireTV. Several things can cause Firestick restart problems, such as an inadequate power cube (aka "power block" or "wall wart"). Example for techies:  For...

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How to Install Pocket TV APK on Firestick and Android

This tutorial shows you how to install Pocket TV APK on Firestick and Android To download the Pocket TV APK, click here or enter the address http://bit.ly/ptv7works into the Downloader app for Firestick. Download Pocket TV APK The Pocket TV APK is a quick download -...

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How to Watch Game of Thrones Free on ANY Device

Stark, Targaryen, Lannister, Greyjoy, Baratheon, Tyrell, Martell, Tully.. If these names mean anything to you, then use this guide to watch Game of Thrones free on ANY device. To watch Game of Thrones, choose your device below to skip to the tutorial for your device...

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Terrarium TV Website Down?

Getting Terrarium TV Website Down error when you are trying to install it can be frustrating. But don’t worry, as you can still install TTV alternatives —and just as easily. UPDATE:  Terrarium TV is dead!  Instead, use newer Firestick APKs like the ones in my Top 20...

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Streaming movies & TV shows without a VPN is a no-no.  Make sure you protect your Internet data with a secure VPN connection.

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Unleash the true power of your Amazon Fire TV Stick with my YouTube tutorial.

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