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⚽ How to Watch the FIFA World Cup on Firestick

Alright - so I spent quite awhile researching how to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup on Firestick.  Basically, I found out that a handful of Firestick apps offer ALL the channels you need in order to watch the 2018 World Cup.  This tutorial shows you exactly how to...

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Top 10 Apps for Firestick (UPDATED Monthly)

This guide walks you through how to install the Top 10 Apps for Firestick.  In this all-inclusive App Pack for Firestick & Fire TV, I give you 10 Apps for Streaming TV & Movies, 1 Ad Blocker ("Blokada"), and 2 App Stores (Yalp and Aptoide TV). In this guide,...

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How to Install TVTap on Firestick (formerly UKTVNow)

This tutorial shows you 2 METHODS on how to install TVTap on Firestick or Fire TV. First, we show you how to install TVTap on Firestick using the Filelinked app for Firestick (formerly known as DroidAdmin). Then, we walk you through an alternate method to install...

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Easy DIY Solutions to Firestick Remote Not Working

This tutorial shows you how to fix Firestick Remote not working issues. Imagine you’re watching ‘The Sixth Sense’ on your Fire TV on a Friday night, but just as the A-bomb last scene is coming up, you feel an uncontrollable need to take an intermission. So you press...

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iOS Zoom – How to Fix iOS Zoom Problem

Thanks to the built-in iOS Zoom feature, visually impaired can use their iPhone or iPad easily. This accessibility feature, as you may guess, makes the screen bigger and text so much easier to read. In this post, we’ll cover everything related to zoom feature. So,...

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Terrarium TV iOS Free Installation Guide

Yes!  You can install great apps on iOS like Terrarium TV.  Most people search for "Terrarium TV iOS" if they want to watch streaming TV & movies on their iPhone or iPad. And, If you're a devoted iOS user, you may feel as though iOS is like BMW and Android like...

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Jailbreak Firestick: The Ultimate How-To Guide

The Amazon Firestick has become a high-tech gift that just keeps on giving. When you jailbreak Firestick, you open up areas of the device that were previously out of reach. The term can also strike fear into the heart of beginners as the word “brick” is generally not far behind.

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Firestick Update 2018 – How to Keep Everything Working

Most people have a special place in their home where all the unused (but someday it might be useful) junk gets stuffed for years. Every so often that box gets opened up again, and wonderful discoveries emerge! Like rediscovering a Fire TV that hasn’t been used in...

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Help! My Firestick Quit Working! (Here’s How to Fix It)

Oh no! Your Firestick quit working! That’s a bummer. Better throw it straight in the trash. No wait, please don’t! You can fix it! On a serious note, there are better ways to get your Firestick working than buying a new one. Particularly with those pre-unlocked...

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Kodi How to Use Guide

You’ve downloaded and installed Kodi and are ready to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows, but there’s one problem… You are having a hard time navigating through it using FireTV remote—so much so that twice in your frustration you almost banged the remote on the...

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Kodi VPN

Streaming movies & TV shows without a VPN is a no-no.  Make sure you protect your Internet data with a secure VPN connection.

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Sideloader for Fire TV

Easily transfer any apps from your Android smartphone or tablet to your Fire TV or Firestick.  Use the Sideloader for Fire TV app (Free)!

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